Quality Environmental Services

RPI Group

The RPI Group is a non-contractually bound group of environmental remediation companies that have come together for one purpose; to “Close Sites”. Specifically, to “Close Sites” using the Trap & Treat® Products: BOS 100® and for chlorinated compounds and BOS 200® for petroleum compounds. Members of the group have agreed that we are not just putting products in the ground; we are committed to quality in all aspects of the remediation effort. Our success is only measured by our ability to achieve or exceed the “Cleanup Goals” for the site.

To do this, the development of an accurate Conceptual Site Model (CSM) where a full understanding of contaminant distribution, site geology and hydrogeology, and site chemistry is necessary.  Additionally, our members have a strong understanding of high resolution data collection to support the development of the CSM as well as the final design. Finally, the members are committed to proper and effective installation techniques that ensure optimal distribution of the products within the subsurface.

The RPI Group is made up of the following members:

Domestic Members

  • AST Environmental, Inc. (AST) – National Distributor (which includes preparation of Injection Designs) and Trainer for Approved RPI Group Installers which includes: ensuring the installers have the right equipment, implement correct techniques for the remedial design characterization, and Trap & Treat® injections.

International Members